A L L   A R E   W E L C O M E


       Hi! Thanks for visiting our website! As we're an unchurch kind of church, there's lots of important info on here about how you can connect with us. And we hope you do.

We're a part of a family of churches called the Disciples of Christ that is good at agreeing to disagree but keep on loving one another. So you're not going to find a statement of faith. Bring yours. I'll bring mine. We'll have a good conversation about what the Jesus story means and how we live it!

The Disciples also believe in the priesthood of all believers. Basically, that means we have pastors but pastors are just leaders among equals. So, if you join our rag tag group of Jesus-y folks, you'll be as central to this operation as I am. That said, incase you want to know a little more about me and my family, you can click here to visit my blog

Briefly: I'm wife to Luke. Mom to Liv (who is 1 and wonderful!). An ordained minister and two time seminary graduate. I'm originally from Everett and while I wandered a bit, I'm glad to be home!

But, here's the best way to learn about me: toss me an email (rebecca@ourcommontablechurch.org) and we can grab coffee and you can grill me on my theology...or we can just get to know each other and share our dreams for Everett, the Jesus way, and the world. Hope to connect with you soon!