one of our main purposes as a faith community is to seek God's liberating love and justice for all people and all things.

love and justice don't come passively.

we have to seek them.

we have to seek them together.

compassionate resistance is a group anchored in the Christian faith but reaching across faiths to actively seek love and justice locally and globally.


we engage in spiritual practices.

we host workshops.

we march when marching is what is needed.

we educate when education is what is needed.

we listen and disagree with compassion when listening

and disagreeing kindly is what is needed.

we love and support one another.

all are welcome to join us. 

our meeting times and places vary, so email for more info.

the best way to keep up with compassionate resistance

is to join our (private) facebook group.

Email us:

Call us:

425. 610.7229

First Sunday

Dinner and Worship


at 2936 Rockefeller Ave, Everett WA

Theology Pub

Third Wednedays


at 1416 Hewitt Ave, Everett WA

A progressive, open and affirming Christian church seeking the Jesus way through missional living in North Everett.

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