maybe faith is best caught and not taught?

maybe our kiddos learn the Jesus way by living it?

so often at our common table, we meet families that have been hurt by traditional church or for whom it just doesn't work any more. we meet folks who love Jesus and the Jesus way but aren't interested in going to church. we meet families who want to learn faith with their kids and not send them off to sunday school. we all want to learn our faith as we live it.

un [sunday] school is our attempt to explore how the unschooling movement relates to Christian faith. we gather sometimes to talk and share resources. we have online conversations and resources we put together. and we go on field trips when we can to learn the Jesus way hands on and in person.


last saturday of every month

hosted at different homes

email us for more info.

we have waffles, mimosas, and conversation about creative new ways to raise our kiddos in the Jesus way.

all are welcome!


dates, times, locations vary.

email us for more info.

all are welcome to join in some hands-on faith learning.

we've been to the zoo,

an organic farm,

First Nations cultural center,

and an anti-racist

parenting workshop.


we have dreams for building out a whole website.

for now what we have going is a facebook page where we can engage, share resources and ask questions.